Remote operated vehicles (ROVs) are unoccupied, highly maneuverable and operated by a person aboard a vessel. The ROV is linked to the vessel by an umbilical cable, a group of cables that carry electrical power, video and data signals back and forth between the operator and the vehicle. Our ROVs are equipped with video camera and lights. Additional equipment, such as scanning sonar, USBL acoustic tracking system, manipulator, water sampling equipment, etc., can be added to expand the vehicle’s capabilities.  

Phantom HD 2+2 ROV


Phantom 2+2 HD Specifications

  • Depth: 1000'

  • Weight: 265lbs

  • Length: 55"

  • Width: 27"

  • Height: 26.5"

  • Lateral Thrust: 15 lbs

  • Vertical Thrust: 15 lbs

  • Camera:

  • Lights:

  • Crash Frame

  • Manipulator

Custom ROV

Some assembly required. We are building this custom deep water ROV from scratch. It’s rugged design will allow us to retrieve nets in depths greater than 105’.